Thursday, 7 January 2010

In the Zone

or is it self-hypnosis or just daydreaming?

I went out for a lovely snowy run with a group of 5 club members today, it was unplanned, we just turned up and ran through the local woods and parks with no route in mind.

It was a social event and we had a great laugh and chat as we ran through the snow. However when I was 8 miles into my run (I had a head start on them) I found myself running through a beautiful snowy section of the local nature thing I know I was being called back by one of the gang "Jerry, Jjeeerrryyyy" and my bubble was burst. I had found that I had slipped into the zone and was oblivious to all around me and was about 600 yards ahead of them. Interrogating my Garmin afterwards it has come apparent that during this period my speed and heart rate was constant throughout and was unaware....maybe there is something in this!

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