Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Keep on Going

I got my 12 hour ultra confirmation through this evening....I am now officially excited, more of that later I have other fish to fry but with the letter came a nice little poem which I thought I would share to my ultra buddies, I think you will understand what is being said.

Keep on going, don't despair,
You won't find the answers there,
When the race is there to run
Persistence sees the job get done.
Smile when sprinters dash away, keep your courage, don't dismay.
Pace your effort, hold your stride,
Cast those niggling doubts aside. Get that head up,
jut that chin.
Keep repeating,
"I can win"
...Now the last lap, find your spot
and give it everything you've got! 
Draw on every last reserve
straining round that final curve,
Now the straight, the tape, the line,
Victory tastes like vintage wine!

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