Sunday, 31 January 2010

Mammoth month

Wow what a month, what a busy month more like it. This month has seen me break the 200 mile ceiling averaging out at 50 miles a week and included a 45 mile ultra marathon from Wendover to Central London.

I have now changed my training plan slightly and now doing back to back on the weekend with me just completing a 32 mile or 50 kilometres of running on the weekend mileage I could have only dreamt off at the beginning of last year when I hobbling around on crutches.

So it will continue, I have a break from distance for a couple of days when I will be out all evening on Monday and a short run on Tuesday with the Club, long may this streak continue.


  1. "long may this streak continue"

    It is bad enough when you have your wee breaks outside the only house in the area, but please stop streaking as well :)

  2. Heee heeee ...let's hope I don't progress to bare foot running then :0