Thursday, 21 January 2010

Out with the Mob

The only thing that was going to get me through my hectic and stressful day at work today was my promise that I was going for my run. This run heralded the official start of my training for my April challenge of the 12 hour run in Crawley, England.

It started out with a gentle recovery run and reaching the top of the hill one mile out from home I began to realise that my legs had some pace in them but pulled off for a bit until I was warmed up. Stepping into it I then noticed that there were loads of other runners out training, some the remainders of the "New Year Resolution" runners, a few serious ones with the gait of a trained runner and then a mob of runners, I realised they were from my secondary affliate club but chose just to say hello and then wave goodbye as tonight was my chance to have "Me time"

So I am back on the road taking it very easy for the moment whilst my legs recover after last Saturday.

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