Thursday, 14 January 2010


It's a Bit of an Animal!

My kit, food and bottles are all lying out on the floor ready to be packed in the morning for the 2 hour train journey to Wendover later on in the evening.

Foods for this little jaunt have been selected and along with the usual carb gels and chew bars I am going to take some peperami! Normally I wouldn't touch the stuff but it seems to have all the bad things a long distance runner needs, fat, salt sugar and spices....yummy. I'll leave them for the middle part of the run and snack on them when my I feel "the hollows" coming on this is usually about 4 hours into the run when I am feeling hungry and my stomach wants to grip onto something


  1. Jerry I wish you well with the 45 mile run this weekend

  2. Thanks Martin, at least the snow has gone but have a feeling it will be replaced by rain!