Sunday, 10 January 2010

Snarling Dog

Dog owners should have licenses to prove they are capable of handling a dog before owning one.

I am sick to death hearing dog owners in parks say "It's alright mate he won't bite" after the little %^@& has jumped up on you. 

Saturday's run consisted of occurrences that really annoyed either George or myself; the first being an incident when the two of us were running up a steeply inclined single-tracked country road when we came aware of a 4 wheel-drive car coming from behind at speed that was not going to stop in time to cause us to leap onto the verge narrowly missing us, a mini-cab driver nearly clipping me with its wing mirror and a Boxer dog who got excited and jumped up at me and then bit my hand. In the latter incident I shouted at the owner that "His f%&*ing dog had bitten me" and all he could say was to stop not that his dog had bitten me and apologise but the fact I swore as though it was my fault.

So today we had a great 15 mile run but I am still amazed by dog owners who just don't quite get the idea that they are responsible for the dog they own.

BTW...hand is fine as my glove protected me

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