Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow stops the UK

You saw it here first, snow stops the UK. What I hear you say snow can do that? Yes Dear Reader it can but only if you live and work in the UK, one flake can cause chaos to the whole infrastructure of the country.

Ok I jest, it is cold out there and there are a lot of problems with the roads and trains but hey, I can still run. I am working from home tomorrow but I am working early morning and then later on in the afternoon when the VPN connections are less busy to the office so will be going out for a run in the local woods and nature reserve for a few good miles. I am not sure how far my buddies want to run but I am tagging on a few at the beginning and then maybe some at the end to make about 10-12 miles and then laying off for a few days to continue my taper.

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