Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The training starts to kick in

And so does the apparent tiredness that goes with it. 
  • Last 30 Days - 182 miles
  • Last 7 Days - 52.5 miles
I started off tonight with the intention of doing 12 miles, no more, no less. The difference was that this time I was to run with no Garmin as I wanted to see if I could pace myself at exactly 9 min/mile average pace. I was really pleased that I came in at exactly 1:48, perfect. However I was only saying the other day that when I hit 50 miles in any 7 day stretch I feel a great feeling of fatigue. It may be a coincidence tonight but about 2-3 miles from home I just found myself stop running and just started to walk, I hadn't realised the significance at the time but I must get through this silly physical block. Don't worry, I only walked for about 50 yards and then I carried on up an up hill stretch looking forward to a hot cup of tea. :-)

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