Monday, 25 January 2010

Where is everybody?

So there we were, near to the end of our run we had worked out that during that time we had hardly seen anyone throughout. As we plodded past a small intersection a lone runner came lumbering out of a side path looking flustered.

"Did they go that way past you?" he said
"Who, the HEROES?" I said
"I'm John"
Getting confused I knew him as a group of runners called HEROES he pointed down into the valley and said "There they are" and ran off with a cheery wave. Looking through the trees I could see a gaggle of runners in a multitude of colours, yellow, red or blue. These guys are a mix of all the running clubs in the area and run every Sunday in the areas we had covered. I have done a couple of runs with them and they certainly know the area.

It got us thinking that we missed those runners by about 200 metres at the intersection and had it not been for John we wouldn't have seen them. So whilst we are running around this area there could be loads of other people who we did not see or just the other side of the hedge, we just think we are running by ourselves most of the time

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