Friday, 19 February 2010

Ad hoc

I got an unexpected phone call this afternoon from George who was looking to change the planned Saturday run to this evening. It appears there were ulterior motives called "weekend lie in" which appears to be a perfectly valid reason.

So within 30 minutes I was kitted up and out of the door for a brilliant ad hoc 15 mile run. As is expected by these types of runs, there is no plan apart from what is discussed at the roadside and we soon found ourselves running the local trails in a vaguely southern direction with the sole purpose of running an out and back. Our knowledge of the trails is so good now that we can generally calculate the route as we go and be back within the specified distance. So all is well in this camp, I am still planning to go to the track tomorrow but will probably drive there as I want to save my legs for Sunday. Good call George.

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