Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Billie Whizz

Even with all this long distance training on trails and paths won't dispel the pace out of my legs. Thirty years ago I was called Billie Whizz due to my prowess on the cross-country field.

Tonight I went to the club with the intention of taking it easy on a 10 km run to let the battering my legs got from the weekend be subjected to a recovery session.

The run was a nice steady pace for most of the time however at mile 4 there was a call for a "free for all" and for us all to meet back at HQ via a specific route. There is a particular guy in the group who, like me, is always up for a little race so I took to the front with no intention of letting anyone pass. Hard work leading from the front...I was on fire 2.2 miles in 15 minutes!!! Boy was it hurting towards the end but that was my 10 mile pace thirty years ago...Billy the Whizz is still around

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