Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Change of Plans

A 14 week#ultramarathon plan is now being reviewed after I got offer of more work at the College. Normally this wouldn't be a problem as Saturday is my rest day but now I have had to ditch my night marathon (at the moment) and the fact I am doing Saturday/Sunday back to backs I am going to have to review my training plan as I will be teaching all day when I would have been running.

The latest idea is to go to College on the Saturday and for two of the four of the days I will run back from London to home, a distance of about 15 miles depending on my route. This will mean that I can have a lie in on the Sunday and then run a 20 mile later on in the day.

It will be an interesting idea running from London as I will have to back pack it and carry my clothes...at least I can justify my wish list now :-)


  1. Hi Jerry, mr immune here. You are certainly racking up the miles, i am still having niggles with my kness from C2C when i go over 8 or 9 miles but slowly they are getting better. I assume your next big event is the 12hr track (please correct me if i am wrong), i am just going to do the Brighton Trail Mara at end of March (subject to knees behaving themselves) and then need to book up my major events once i have spoken to you, ultrabobban of course. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hey Mr I, we often talk about you and about the next BIG adventure we can all do. There are various tentative ideas that are only on paper at the moment so I will get in touch either by my blog or on other forums.
    George opeed up an old sore of mine and mentioned I had a demon to bury at the end of the year. Watch this space.