Sunday, 14 February 2010

Chicken Madras

Or What not to eat the night before a 24 mile training run washed down with two bottles of cider.

Yes, you have guessed it, I was ravenous last night and really fancied some spicy food so popped up to the local supermarket and bought an "off the shelf" Chicken Madras with mushroom rice and a naan bread, afterall I was going to burn it all off during my run the next day.

It went down a treat and when I woke up had no problems with "down below" and happily went off on my run until 4 miles in, halfway up a hill I got the most horrific cramps and just managed to get to a woodland path and far enough from the road to safely open the "bomb bay doors" Gosh I was ill.

It must have been a real sight to see me staggering up the hill clutching my stomach one minute and the next saw me skipping out at full pace as though nothing had happened.

Make a note to myself "It must have been the naan bread" ;-)

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