Monday, 8 February 2010


Yes you heard it again here, as I wrote last year Lazarus is alive and living in Kent.

I seem to be picking up these nasty little injuries that hurt like Hell for a bit and I have dreams that it will knock me out of the game for a few weeks and then two days later I go off and run a 12 miler.

Sunday's run was horrible with the last 5 miles of the epic 23.5 mile trail run in real pain on the underside of my foot that crept into the calf like a hot knife. I have reviewed the injury tonight and have decided a ankle/foot support bandage and ibuprofen are the answer for the moment. I am keeping it raised as well. I will see how it is tomorrow but I am seriously thinking of dropping one of my 6 mile road runs from my training log as they are just junk miles at the moment...fingers-crossed.

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