Sunday, 28 February 2010

Lights Out

So there we have it, no run this morning but I was determined to get a run in today one way or the other. After ensuring some of my chores had been done I left the house at 4.30 pm with the intention of running 24 miles along two main roads which are joined by about 6 miles of country road.

It soon came apparent that I had misjudged the weather as at mile 8 a swathe of clouds came rolling in which must have every type of wet weather in it ready to dump on me during that 6 miles. In that period I had rain, hail and even snow at one point all that with a failing headtorch (please remind me to change those pesky batteries)

On arrival at the other end, I was 14 miles into my run, 10 miles to go with the route pointing mainly down so it was a matter of digging in and toughing it out. As the last bits of snow battered my face, I pulled up my Buff, pulled down my cap and dreamed of a cup of tea.

Great run, made epic by the horrific weather and the spooky 6 mile run along the country roads...but as usual great.

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  1. Gosh, you are tough to run in such weather.
    Are you guys getting some of that storm that is battering western Europe? I saw some pics on BBC website and it seems continental Europe got it really bad. There was even one runner who got killed by a falling branch. I grew up in Poland and I remember only once in my 20sth years there a storm that uprooted trees. Now such storms seem to be very common.