Thursday, 18 February 2010

Like a horse

  • I woke up feeling hungry, I ate,
  • Throughout the morning I felt hungry, I ate,
  • This afternoon I felt hungry, I ate,
  • This evening I felt hungry, I ate and ate and ate
I am no longer hungry, today has been a hungry day and I have a feeling my body was telling me something.


  1. I guess your body was telling you it was hungry? :)
    I have days like that also. The problem then is that I crave foods that are not too healthy. Then judging by the picture in your post... :) :)

  2. I'll give you a clue Ewa:

    ...and I don't feel guilty at all :0

  3. I have days like those. I tell my wife to cook big portions and still I'm hungry. You just have to go with it when it happens.