Sunday, 7 February 2010

The run that would never die

The weekend started with plans to run a 12/20 mile back to back trail running.

Saturday's ran went without any drama apart from a small miscalculation in route which saw us running a glorious 13 miles, Sunday's however was another matter.

I was rudely awoken by my alarm at 6.00am and it was immediately apparent that I was just not in the mood for running and the bed beckoned me to stay but as I was on driving duties so dragged myself out but the mood lingered.

Picking George up at 6.45 am he soon picked up on my somnolent attitude but coaxed me out of myself until we hit the sleepy village of Knockholt Pound. The plan was to get as quickly as possible to the North Downs Way (NDW) and follow it eastwards until we reach the Titsey Park approximately 10 miles from the start and join the Vanguard Way to get to the outskirts of Limpsfield Chart, head East until Westerham and beyond to head North to the NDW and then return to the car.

It was a great run but a small misunderstanding from my map reading, I thought a Parish Boundary line was a path, meant a major detour which found us running a little longer than the projected 20 miles. It soon became apparent when we reached 20 miles that we had some distance to go and with the already tired legs from Saturday's run it was really starting to tell, my foot was screaming for me to stop and the pain had now progressed into my calf. I was praying to join trails as running on roads just made the pain worse. Even though we were surrounded by a network of paths we soon found that there was no shorter route back to the car so we just retraced our steps.

In the end we had covered 23.5 miles of glorious trail, George commented and I agree that it seems ridiculous that we had covered so many miles and found ourselves in the likes of Westerham.

So a busy weekend 36.5 miles covered, I am tired, battered and bruised but not defeated, time to rest for a few days.

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