Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Throw it all away

It is unusual for me to think this way but at the end of my run tonight I felt like walking into the house and ripping my training plan into shreds and then going back out and finishing my run properly. (That is Shredder on the left BTW)

Training is going well, a few aches and pains, but generally the distance is coming and I am becoming more consistent and controlled in my style.

I have to be careful though, tonight was about recovery from the weekend but instead of 6 miles I went off to do 11 miles but I enjoyed who cares.

Should our training plans rule our sport and do they obscure the real reason we run?


  1. Training plans are just that. Plans. They are a guide. My key tenet for 2010 is "flexibility". Some things you have to plan for and execute with an iron will. Long runs are a good example. Most other things I'm happy to switch around as I need.

    So you shouldn't feel bad deviating from the plan. Just record what actually happened in your training log and move on.

  2. I have to admit that I have missed a couple of days this year due to home and work pressures but only now really understanding what people mention as "obsession" when it comes to this sport. That "Oh my God, I was supposed to have run tonight" feeling and then have an angst that it will all go wrong on the day. Totally irrational I know. :-)