Tuesday, 2 February 2010

To all my dissenters

I was on an IT technical forum the other day where some idiot had got wind of my ultrarunning and what I did, calmly and without venom I wrote this and it is only after reading it a couple of times did I think it only right to publish it here:

I ran in excess of 2000 miles last year, it took me to places I would have never reached normally, I have seen and heard wildlife and stumbled upon beautiful scenery only miles from my door. Traced routes of ancient Roman roads by map and compass, yesterday I watched the moon hovering in cloud and at the same time saw the sun rise over a hard frosted landscape. I have stood in a churchyard and drank a cup of tea in the snow and eaten sweet cox's apples straight from the branch as I ran by and other days run waist deep in water to reach the other side to continue, ran in thunder, lightning, sun, rain, snow and have been hailed upon whose size was that of broad beans.

I have run a 30 mile race competitively but sat down at the end to a hearty meal and drank cider with my trail rivals.

In all that time I have never grumbled (well only a little) learnt things I never knew about myself but in all that time I have always had a smile within me.

So to my dessenters try it before you slag it off you may find you actually enjoy it too


  1. Well said that man.

    The usual comment I get from the great unwashed is "Running all those miles is going to ruin your knees. You're going to get osteoporosis when you're old. You're doing yourself long term damage." This is usually from the people closest to me, i.e. family.

    It irritates because I guarantee you in future years I'm the active, healthy, fit one. And everyone else will have (god forbid) all sorts of issues.

    The moment I do get any small issue though you know what's coming next don't you .... "I TOLD YOU SO!!!!" :|

  2. There is never a shortage of people wanting to force their shortcomings on other people. I understand the great things you come across and experience in those runs. Things most people will never undertstand.

    They don`t know of crisp cold mornings as the sun comes up ( I am canadian and I love those -10C mornings with snow everywhere ). The trail runs through and up mountains. Seeing beavers, coyotes, deer, sheep, moose ,eagles, etc. We see things people take for granted or never notice running through our parts of the world.

    Keep running man!

  3. Thank you...hopefully I will be in Canada at the end of this year and will see those things, things I can only imagine from the pages of a book for now.

  4. Thanks for that. Yup, I've heard all that - especially from friends of my dad who were jocks 'back in the day'. This one guy in particular played football but now is obese and his knees are shot. I reminded him that mine are still working.

    I love nothing more than hitting the road around 3am for a long one and finding myself surronded by deer when dawn arrives. We miss much shuttling ourselfs around in our cars day to day.

    John in Vermont, USA

  5. Why would anyone want to slag you off for wanting do this. More power to you !

  6. Nice one Jerry spot on. I find I very rarely talk to any non runners about running because they always refer to all the problems I going to have when I am older plus they usually respond "Why do you want to go out in the cold when there is so much good stuff to watch on telly ... I am a celebrity ... X factor EastEnders etc. etc. etc".. I better stop writing as I run the risk of annoying a lot of people.