Friday, 26 February 2010

Today I waxed lyrical

Noticing the grumbles that have been on the blogs, mine included, in the past weeks I found that today's impromptu 16 mile trail was uplifting and then I found myself penning this on a forum after someone talked about our latest run:


Today was another impromptu run on the trails for me, no circles, no lanes, no trackster prima donnas to tell me when and where I can run.

Today was wonderful, although a nip in the air, there was blue sky, darting clouds and bird song. The final 1 mile scurry through the woods with the moonlight casting shadows the muddy woodland path.

Today was a day when I saw the first glimpses of Spring, the smell of forested trees exposing the ground to the miriad of snow drops and crocuses showing their dainty little heads.

Today I waxed lyrical.

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