Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Track running

Time to bite the bullet, there is no way I can shy away from this thing called a track!

This evening I am going to jog up to the local running track and do 25 laps or 10,000 metres. I haven't been on a running track for nearly 20 years so it will be a new experience but just feel really nervous about the whole thing.

I just have visions of all these track and field sprinting types getting irritated by a pacing ultrarunner plodding around the track but as long as I stick to the etiquette what can they do.


  1. Oh, you are brave! I dislike track even more than treadmill. I tried a couple of times and that was it. I don't know what it is. I can run in a park on a circular path but somehow tracks and I just don't like each other.
    I hope you have more fun.

  2. Hey Ewa, I am back and in one piece! It was quite good, I did my 25 laps with a consistent pace of 2:04 min/lap and buy the end of the session was the only person there.

  3. Good for you. Maybe one of these days I will try the track again. Maybe...:)