Saturday, 13 February 2010

Twenty Four

Well that is the plan anyway, 24 miles at #ultramarathon pace on the road by myself! It has been quite an interesting day as I got a call offering me a place in a 30 mile cross country race tomorrow down near Guildford and was really up for it but as the day went on I realised that it would have meant that I would have been out for most of the day and I am just too busy at home what with the decorating and a load of scripts from College to mark....and the small matter that it is Valentine's Day.

So I will be up early tomorrow to go on a 24 mile run along some roads near me. I will be taking along some water but I will be passing a "runner friendly" church where I can fill up if need be but will take some Nuun to hide the taste of lank tap water. Strangely looking forward to it but there is nothing worse that a long training run by yourself but I need to get the mindset again if I am to get the experience. At least this way I will be back sooner and available at home.

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