Sunday, 14 February 2010

White Van(gry) Man

Irony is often lost on the ignoramus.

Whilst out running today there was a deluge of snow for about an hour which started to lay down on the pavements causing it to be slippery under foot so I decided that on some sections to run on the road between the white line and kerb. The road was wide and I was running in the gutter so not causing an obstruction even less than a cyclist would have.

I was plodding along happily when from out of the blue there was a llloooonnngg hoot of a vehicle and then I was aware of a white van about 1 inch from my arm. Without thinking, more reaction, I shouted at the van to f&@k off to which it then skidded in front of me and mounted the pavement causing me to bounce off the back of it. I stopped walked very slowly around the van and was met by an onslaught of angry shouting, I'll cut out the Middle English language but it went along the lines of

"Get off the road you [censored], roads are for cars you [censored] [censored]"

I didn't respond as pointing out that pavements were for pedestrians and not vans would have probably had me impaled in a lamp post.

So after Mr Idiot had said his bit I gently trotted off, in the road....after all he was on the pavement now. Ooooh the irony.


  1. There are fewer of those %$*# on forest trails. :)
    Hope this jerk did not ruin your mood. I hate running when I am upset.

  2. I am going to download my Garmin to look at the HR trace to see what happened to it during this episode. My pace did pick up though which always is a sign I was annoyed...good run though

  3. Yes, there are jerks behind those wheels but be careful though. I've read horror stories where drivers get into a pissing match. You did a great thing by ignoring & letting him vent.