Friday, 5 March 2010


I am used to seeing weird sights whilst on my long runs but tonight's one was one of my favourites. I was eight miles into a twenty mile road run and had just dipped off the main road and was descending quite steeply. I heard the sound of a car behind me moving over the loose uneven surface and so stepped aside to let it past and as I continued I heard a quiet 2 stroke engine coming up at speed and then "Get out the way, move over, move over" It was a young male voice so I stepped aside again, stopped and looked around.

I couldn't believe my eyes but as I stood there a golf buggy with 2 lads in hoods on the seats, one on the front bumper and as it passed 2 more hanging off the back waving with a cheery wave.

Don't get me wrong I do not condone such behaviour but the sheer cheek of these lads just made me grin.

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