Monday, 22 March 2010

I screamed like a little piggy

Over a year later and I have obviously forgotten how "invigorating" an ice bath is after a long run.

I had been on a brilliant, if lonely 23 mile run today, had a glass bottle chucked at me from a passing car narrowly missing me. I went fully kitted today, carrying a skinny kit in my back pack as I knew I would be returning home after dark but stupidly didn't take my torches but it was pretty cool going XCR without lights for a change ;-)

By the end of this run I would have run my longest training week ever (64.4 miles) and a lot of it at tempo pace but by the last 5 miles it was beginning to tell that it was all catching up but the thought of a taper focussed my efforts. By the time I got home, all I wanted to do was jump into a bath and rid myself of the pains in my knee tendons, boy were they burning!

So tonight was cold water emersion therapy, a bath full of cold water with 4 freezer blocks chucked in for good luck.....eeekk did I SCREAM? I sat in the cold water for about 15 minutes and then jumped out and ran a HOT bath....glorious, I even felt my legs tingling, pain evaporated.

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