Sunday, 7 March 2010


"The shorter the run, the longer the warm up." These are words I use to hear when talking about training; I never really believed it until today whilst at the track.

I arrived at the track at just gone 9.00 am and was really pleased to see no one was there, this meant I was able to do some clockwise running and then when people arrived I would switch back to the usual way. As previously reported, I was planning to do 50 laps so I went about the task, when I was 23 laps into it another runner appeared and I called to him that I would be only doing 2 more laps and then reverting to the anti-clockwise, he thumbed up and then I saw him run one gentle lap.

He then went about stretching , sitting down, standing up, stretching and the next time I saw him run was when I was on my 38th lap for 200 metres, then stretch for some time, sit down, change his shoes and then jog 400 metres at my 45th lap! In the time I had run 5.5 miles he had run/jogged 600 metres, incredible!

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