Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Rolling Average

What? I hear you say...not to panic dear reader, I haven't gone mad but wanted to show you how not to come a slave to the weekly mileage totals but rather see how you can adjust your training plan to suit your life style; after all I have missed a few runs recently.

How many times do you chastise yourself not to have run that weeks planned total miles for what ever reason? Why become a slave to the figures of the week when you can take a mileage total for the past 4 weeks.

I was having that problem so in my training diary created a new column to add the miles I had run in the past 4 weeks, adding the past weeks total to the previous 3 weeks and then graphed it in Excel and to a surprising result. Click on this story's image and you can see that there is almost a linear progression for these 28 Day rolling calculations apart from week 3 where I had a cold and cut back on the miles. This amazingly also takes into consideration I have had Cycle Down weeks but still the miles add up.

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