Saturday, 13 March 2010

Running Stance

So the mileage is picking up and I have completed the first 20 miles for this weekend and now 48.6 miles for the week. Naturally by legs are getting tired and it was obvious at about 14 miles into my run today that I had to adjust my pace and running style.

This first came apparent about 2 weeks ago as I ventured onto the track to adjust my body to "flat" runs. I told George I was going to try my new ultra stance and run a couple of miles to see how I felt. The change over was incredible as I moved my style from lifting off at the toe to running from mid-foot, instantly I felt the strain move away from my thighs and calves. It could almost be called armchair running, a lovely methodical, relaxed style that will take a few more miles to perfect but I am really happy with the result.


  1. I've totally revamped by running style over the past couple of months and it's interesting to here that you are doing the same.

    Can you describe in detail how to ran before and how you've changed it? I don't fully understand from your description.

    For me, I've moved from mainly heal-strike to foot/mid foot landing. That has seriously taken the pressure off my quads and spreads the load between the three major muscle groups. It's taken some getting used to though as for quite a while my calfs were absolutely screwed. They are good now though and but stronger.

  2. It is difficult to explain but the way I have adapted my stance is not to lean forward so that my centre of gravity is in front of my feet as in the diagram that goes with this post. The image above sees the runner pushing forward from the toes. I have moved more upright with my centre of gravity above my toes, it almost feels as though I have rocked back onto mymidfoot and heels. There is no longer a front foot 'slap' now and my arms are much more relaxed at the wrist and a slight bend in the knee taking strain off the outer thigh.