Thursday, 22 April 2010

£50 burning a hole in my pocket

At Christmas I was given £50 of gift vouchers for Sweat Shop and looking for something to spend it on and have noticed that it is a very over-priced shop compared to others.

However, I have this £50 and looking to buy "stuff" , choices are put it towards another pair of shoes when required or to buy a back pack. I really want a back pack but am getting a little anal about what size I should get for my The Ridgeway. I particularly like the Inov-8 Pro 12 Pack, mainly because it will make me look really cool and match my jacket and gloves Do you think 12 litres is the right size? Kit I will carry will be:

  1. Maps
  2. Food & Water
  3. Waterproofs
  4. Thin under layer
  5. Hat
  6. Plus other stuff
Too big or small? Other ideas?


  1. Can't really advise you on the size of the pack but you kept that voucher all this time since Christmas? You have a lot of self control. :)

  2. Hee hee, I have to admit I mislayed them and were supposed to be for my shoes but I have also seen that Inov-8 also supply bottle pouches seen here:

    I much prefer bottles as then I can have two different types of drink where as bladders are a pain to refill especially on long races and ones that take in the night time.

    You use a fanny bag and pouch on your long runs don't you?

  3. Hi Jerry

    Don't know if you can use the vouchers on-line for Sweatshop, but this code GBTWA gives 20% off until 30th April, just enter it into the discount code box at checkout. Could buy the back pack using the discount code and spend the voucher on shoes or whatever. My Salomon pack is 15L, although does expand an extra 5l, and i will use this (as per usual) for Ridgeway. Only wish the mesh side pockets were big enough for 500ml bottles as they are not i have to use a bladder. mr immune

  4. Hi Jerry - How about this the OMM Ultra 15L
    Now only £35, can carry upto 6 bottles using Ommi Gammy harness thingys. Lots of choice, decisions, decisions. mr immune

  5. Difficult one I think Jerry. I have a camelbak "Cloud Walker" (hydration reservoir) that has about 21 litres of space however it compresses down if I am not carrying a lot of kit. I'm using this for Lakeland 50 and most likely the Ridgeway. It has side mesh pockets for bottles so can be used either way.

    The main thing is it has minimal bounce when running which is key to ensure no friction on the shoulders etc.

  6. Both of these back packs are good looking, WOW, the Cloud Walker holds a lot of fluid...4 pint equivalent! Then the OMM Ultra 15 has lots of bottle choice positions...time to lie down :)

  7. I'm sticking with the salomon raid for the Ridgeway!

  8. "I'm sticking with the salomon raid for the Ridgeway!"

    Is that the 15 or the 20 litre?