Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Future is Bright

I had a great run with the club tonight seeing us go out in a group of about 15 runners, spirits were high and there was a lot of banter in the group. Up ahead we saw a lone runner gambling along and at first I thought it was a lad running for the bus and as we neared he became aware of us and joined on.

"Where you going mate?" he asked in fluent South London teenage-ese, I told him about another 4 miles further to which he told me he was out for about 3 miles but he would join us. Who am I to turn an aspiring runner away so he joined in the group and he was asked a series of questions from the mob.

I took point and was then amazed to find that he had tucked in behind my shoulder and was not taking distance, when I sped up , he sped up when I sprinted away, he did too, pace for pace...this guy was good for his age (in transpires he was only 14 years old) and so it went on until we got onto the main hill and he grumbled about stitch or how he wanted water to which I scoffed and so he continued until at the top he flopped onto the floor to rest. Then from nowhere I said "In 2 years time when you are 16, come to our club and I will pay your first years subscription!"

I think it is worth it, that lad was a natural, he had the edge and was naturally competitive without knowing it.

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  1. It was a nice run. Lets hope that lad keeps up the running and joins the club in a couple of years?
    Matt Hossack.