Saturday, 24 April 2010

L2B revisited

Looking forward to tomorrow as I will be running the Stage 3 of the London to Brigthon route with Richard who will be doing the Rigeway 85 as well in August 2010. Plan is to meet up at Clacket Lane Services at 6.30 am and run down through to the route and join it as it crosses the A25 Westerham Road.

Just pulled out the 2009 L2B map book and will be packing my sack for a nice 20 mile(ish) run, trails look pretty dry but will be wearing my Nike Pegasus as it is a bit dusty from Troy Town onwards.

Looks to be a good run tomorrow and really looking forward to it.


  1. Oh excellent, you're doing the Ridgeway!
    I recently entered this as well - shall see you there :)

  2. GREAT far we have a great collection of runners:
    Richard Stewart
    Rob (ultrabobbin)
    Dave (Mr Immune)

    It is going to a great day/night of running