Sunday, 25 April 2010

NOT the London Marathon

I went for a great run with Richard today who harks from the great county of Essex who was keen to see,hear and run the sights of the beautiful Kent countryside, he was not to be disappointed.

Meeting at Clacket Lane Services on the M25 we soon found that the cost of parking was going to be £10 which we agreed was too much so decided to move off to the Grasshopper Pub just outside Westerham. Safely parked up we went out with the main intention of running as far as Forest Row via the 2009 London to Brighton route.

We were having a good laugh when we were met by a dog walker "The London Marathon is the other way" we smiled and carried on and so it went on, every walker would greet us with a similar greeting thinking they were the first to think of it...ggggrrrrr I think the Kentish Man needs new material.

Some great sites and sounds with a total of over 1,000 feet of climb, quite a tough little number to say the least which has caused a bit of a calf injury to my right leg which is undergoing TLC as I type.

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  1. Hey Jerry,

    Great day mate and I am still laughing at how many times we heard that phrase.

    Further to our discussion on Footpod vs GPS I found this review of a comparison test. Interesting reading.