Thursday, 22 April 2010

Pace Graph

(Click graph to get full image)

OK, OK, so I was bored tonight but I got the count sheets back from Crawley today and so graphed them. The graph below shows my lap times over time and how they dramatically changed through the day.

Areas of interest:
  1. From laps 0 - 105 or 4 hours I was running to achieve a marathon and the laps are all consistant apart from a glitch for a loo break at Lap 19 and tummy upset at 41.
  2. At 105 my Father took over and here I think I made a tactical error in dramatically dropping my pace and introduce walk breaks, this caused my times to go very irractic
  3. The the overly dramatic change at 7 hours or lap 163 where the graph seems to take an upward glitch when we changed direction and my times went haywire
  4. Laps 180 onwards when my IT Band cramped and you can see the excessive time wasted with a BIG peak where I was tabled getting tortured
  5. The Lap 225 when the realisation set in where I was possibly not goint to finish the job and I dug in and ran almost consistantly for 5 miles with no walk breaks, stubbornly digging in finding energy that I never knew I had.

A very insightful little graph and my Father has unexpectedly stepped in and mentioned my tactical error of reducing speed dramatically in the the second third which obviously effected my pace. This will probably be my last lap race but it has taught me some very interesting facts about myself.

You may have seen I mention the ego, the I, recently, ego nearly beat last Saturday. Look at lap 229 and the change that happened, ego was ignored and another part of me took control and the race continued at a set pace......this is a pivotal moment for my future training.

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