Monday, 26 April 2010

Resting Heart Rate

I tried out an experiment last night wearing my Garmin Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) to see what my heart rate was during the night and was amazed by the results

The gaps in data can be put down to my movement during the night and the HRM losing contact with my skin, peaks were possibly dreams. As the night moves on you can see that the trend is for my heart rate to drop and at one point was 42 beats per minute. The sharp rise at the end was caused by me being woken abruptly to look for car keys!!!

The long and short of it is there is very strong evidence to suggest I have exercise induced bradycardia


  1. That's a really interesting thing to do. I might try the same experiment. My resting heart rate is 42 so I dread to think what it's getting down to in deep sleep.

  2. Interesting, my pulse is about 53 sat at my desk right now, took it the other day just out of interest and it was 48. Flynn is obviously a highly trained athletic specimen and not the norm......... mr immune

  3. I ran this test again last night and I awaoke at 44 bpm which is pretty well near on dead, I am still amazed by Matt's heart rate. I imagine Mrs Matt uses a cattle prod to wake him up in the morning :-)

    It does depend on what you have eaten (salt?) and drunk during the day as well as temperature, how much you have slept etc.

    I am having a quiet day coding here so I imagine mine is pretty low at the mo.

  4. UltraFlynn is a zombie, a really fast one?
    This experiment is quite intriguing. I don't have the technology to try myself but am interested in the results.