Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Today was the first time I have worn proper leather shoes as my legs have felt uncomfortable and the first time I have been able to run up six flights of stairs two steps at a time. However much this sounds impressive it has in fact been foolhardy my body is just not ready.

I have been feeling a bit down all day as my legs have felt extremely tight and the tendons around my knees sore and my right ankle tender. I rang my wife and told her I was going to book a session with a sports physio from my running club.

So, at 8.00pm this evening, I stepped gingerly out of my car then shuffled and hobbled over to his front door. Mike met me outside and took me to his treatment room and after a discussion about the general condition of my legs went about them. Incredibly as he ran his fingers up my thigh I could feel him find knots and kinks in the muscle and not surprisingly in my left leg which was where the trouble was on Saturday. I originally went for a 30 minute session but was really happy for it to go for an hour as he massaged, stretched and pulled tendons and muscles.

To my amazement I stepped from the couch a new person all pains and tightness gone and I was able to straighten my legs. Even now I can shake my legs as I sit here and all my muscles wobble like a bowl full of jelly...brilliant.

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