Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Third Birthday

Yes dear reader, I can hardly believe it myself, this is my 3rd anniversary of starting to run again.

It started after I went to watch my Brother-in-Law in the London Marathon 2007 and made an agreement that we would run it in 2008 together, we never did but it started me down the road.
The next day I bought a pair of Nike Air Pegasus from the local running emporium and the day after I was running my first 3.6 miles taking me 40 minutes or 11 minute miles which left me gasping for air for the next week! I laugh that 3 years later, when doing an ultrarun that is the pace I will be running sometimes, just 10 times further :-)

So there we have it, I will raise a glass of cider to the 5,000 miles I have run since then and hope to run many more after.


  1. Happy birthday Jerry!
    You've travelled so far already, where will the next 3 years take you... ? Amazing places!

    We both started on Air Pegasus - that's brilliant! (I still have them in the garage)

  2. It was my 5th birthday since giving up smoking and losing 4 stone this month. Isn't running brilllllllliiiiiaaannnnnnt!!

  3. That is incredible Rob, it will be a very long time before we give up cider though ;-)

    BTW I met a mutual friend/colleague of ours yesterday (Wendy)