Thursday, 15 April 2010

Tunbridge Wells Circular Walk

"Formerly named the High Weald Walk, this route explores the variety of countryside around Royal Tunbridge Wells on the borders of Kent and East Sussex and is within the High Weald AONB. It passes through a rolling landscape of ridges and valleys with a patchwork of small fields, hedges and broadleaved woodland. On the route are Groombridge Place, High Rocks, Eridge Rocks and Harrison's Rocks, all sandstone outcrops popular with climbers, and Eridge Park, a remarkably unpopulated area for south east England."

Quoted text from LDWA website describing a great training run of about 27 miles.

I will be sufficiently recovered soon and looking to run this with Richard in May 2010, I have a feeling I maybe able to tempt a few of the local ultra fraternity to come along too and make a day of it


  1. Sounds good to me, could you have not found a slightly hillier route for us though?
    mr immune

  2. Wooaa! Check out that elevation - will be a challenging run. A beauty!

  3. Emlynfluff and Mr Immune are you interested in 9/5 or 23/5?

  4. Sorry Jerry, sunning ourselves in Marrakech for our wedding anniversary for the first date, and second, a family memebers birthday lunch.
    I certainly will raise a nice glass to you guys though.
    Thanks for the invite.