Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Two Minds

As I ponder over the last few months of training and my epic run on Saturday I again find myself doubting my own ability and question whether I should continue long distance running.

The next major challenge comes in 20 weeks and I have started to write my training plan and as I write it I feel the cold sweat beading on my forehead. The weekly mileages will reach 76 miles at their height and average 54 miles!


  1. Jerry. Take heart mate. Be strong. What you are feeling is completely normal. You set yourself a goal and you achieved it. Yes it hurt and in your mind you probably think that after all the training that 100kms should hurt THAT much should it?

    Well yes, it should. Ultrarunning is like a car crash that you know you're going to have. Whenever you toe the line at the start of an epic distance race you have to understand that it's going to hurt. Not a little bit, not just a mild discomfort. No. It's going to hurt like hell. And it's going to take every ouch of mental toughness to finish.

    You did finish though. You passed the test. You showed unbreakable mental toughness. Most wouldn't have even considering being at the start. You did. You trained hard. You toughed it out.

    Here's a thought. I read alot of blogs of elite ultrarunners. It's easy to think I should be able to run, train and compete like they do. Simple fact is I can't. I don't have the genetics. What I do have, and I have in bucket loads, is an utterly indomitable spirit. I will not consider failure. You are the same. Are you a natural athlete? Probably no more so that I am. Are we making the most of what we have. Yes. Yes. Yes.

    Do some recovery runs. Don't set time or mileage goals for the next week or so. Chill out. Then focus on the next challenge. (A nice run through the Stour Valley on a Saturday in June sounds lovely at this point doesn't it. :) )

  2. Thank you kind Sir, hopefully the physio tonight will have done enough to raise my mood. I think it will but I have some time to work it through.