Friday, 7 May 2010

Batty run

Went out for a late run this evening and decided to get as much of the local woods as possible until it got too dark. By about 8.30 pm I was surprised to see a small black animal flit by, you've got it, a pipistrelle bat.

It seems the pipistrelle hunts over a regular beat, flying at between 2 - 13 metres, usually up to 6 metres, above the ground. The bat eats mostly gnats and tiny moths, hunting for them in open spaces around a building or tree, or above water. It eats several hundred insects every day.

What makes it so interesting is the area where I saw them was around the pond area which backs onto a large open field in the centre of the woodlands. I will definitely try and get up there at sundown again to see if they appear again.

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