Sunday, 16 May 2010

A cunning plan scuppered

Late on a Saturday night is the time that an ultra runner is seen skulking around the house gathering pieces of kit and packing their back packs ready for Sunday's long run.

It is also the time that it is presumed safe to enter races, a time when wives are in bed, children have relinquished the home computer. This time is the time that awkward questions are not asked as to WHY they are looking for a credit card, cheque book or searching for a PayPal password late at night, this is the time the ultra runner works best.

However, the ultra runner also forgets his wife may have got wind of such clandestine behaviour! This is the time that she knows that the ultra runner husband reads:

Please enlcose a cheque for £ XX.XX and a LARGE STAMPED, SELF ADDRESSED envelope for the return of numbers and other information.

This is the time she hides envelopes and stamps so the ultra runner's cunning plans are scuppered.....gggrrrrr

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