Monday, 3 May 2010

Looking Good

Mrs S wanted to go for a walk today and I was happy to oblige as I was going stir crazy having had no proper exercise for a week. We decided to go to the local woods and just walk about 3 miles, now remember this was a walk for Mrs S's new health regime, I was going along for company but was also checking my calf out.

The funny thing was that I noticed whilst walking was that although I have run that route on hundreds of occasions, walking them allowed me to see it in a completely new perspective and allowed me to notice so many new things, new paths and new views.

I am really proud of Mrs S for getting out there and doing some exercise and have made a commitment that I will walk with her at least once a week on Sunday........ but after my run ;-)

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  1. Thats great to hear Jerry! Hope Orpington goes well!