Thursday, 20 May 2010

Stop being personal

Time for a rant and I apologise now but it just MAKES ME SO ANGRY...first let's look at some facts.
  1. Age - 44 years
  2. Resting heart rate 44 beats per minute
  3. Weekly current mileage ~58 miles
  4. Miles run this year ~900 miles
  5. Longest distance run in one go - 62.45 miles
I could go on, in a nutshell, I am one hell of a fit 44 year old man who is in a very small group of elite sports people (0.001%) in Britain who has run more than 100km. I accept that I have a small [beer] gut caused solely from my love of cider, I am surrounded by friends and colleagues, who if I can be frank, look at my life style in either disbelief, awe or for some people absolute jealousy.

So why oh why oh why do people feel as though it is their "right" to point out the fact I have a beer gut (be it a small one)? Why should it only be men who feel the need to do this?

I know I should ignore it but it just grinds you down and I am just weary of it...

I pointed this out to a colleague who mentioned my tummy this morning and asked why? He, in a rather flustered manner stated that "I suppose you could point out my bald head Jerry" to which I replied that "Why?" He had no answer

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