Sunday, 16 May 2010

Tough Run

It has been a tough week running, one which saw me return from injury at the beginning, one which saw me run just short of 58 miles!

It was an early start today, 6.30 am pick, running by 6.50 am, the weather at that time was glorious and it promised that it was going to be a hot one with the sky blue and cloudless. This was soon to change as about 3 hours intothe run the wind picked up and the clouds rolled in with a few splatters of rain.

It appears George and I had no plans as to where to run but we did want to go for about 24-25 miles. The whole run can best be described as a tough, gritty and hilly run as we ventured to the West of Biggin Hill and Keston to explore new roads and paths.

I can safely say we achieved all of these targets falling just short of 25 miles, but I have to add we ran those 24+ miles on one banana and one carb gel... a massive success, great run George.

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