Thursday, 20 May 2010

Trail word


  1. the doctrine that god is the transcendent reality of which the material universe and human beings are only manifestations: it involves a denial of God's personality and expresses a tendency to identify God and nature.
  2. any religious belief or philosophical doctrine that identifies God with the universe.
Not my cup of tea dear reader just a subject that was brought up whilst on the trail last night. I was chatting to David from my club last night whilst running and challenged him to a little run out on the last mile when I said to him after he whimped out "The only thing that stops you is your ego"

Then without prior warning one of the guys went on to tell us all about Eastern doctrine and belief, very interesting but wwwoooooohhh heavy stuff for a trail run...I'll race David next time.


  1. I will have to research that. I love philosophy and religious studies. Now I would probably not use such topics for my trail run conversations.

  2. We were told that in his belief system the universe and ourselves are one. We draw energy from the things around us, the trees, the sky et al. As we draw that energy from our surrounds the only thing that makes us give up is ourself, our ego.

    As you say, it is a great subject and really quite interesting to listen to other belief systems. What makes this so interesting is that it has so many parallels to ultra running