Sunday, 2 May 2010

Wise Words

I have been mulling around at home feeling very down about my leg injury and also very jealous about all the challenges my peers have just completed or about to undertake.

George has run VLM last week and then the Oxon 40 yesterday, Matt is about to run the Halstead marathon (with a 25 Ib back pack) and Rob the Neolithic, all races and challenges I want to do at some stage but Crawley has got in the way of them ( no regrets there)

I saw that the Orpington Marafun is next week and I mentioned it to my wife and she said:

"Just do your normal running Jerry, you are way too competitive for your own good and bound to try and race someone and hurt yourself trying to beat them"

...and there we have it, the go ahead to do my running but to keep it real. If this week's running goes OK I will embark on a long one next weekend.


  1. Jerry I have two suggestions...

    1/ Come and run round Halstead with me next weekend. As mentioned, I'm running with a backpack and times are utterly unimportant. Come and pace me. Halstead is one of the best marathons in the country, I can guarantee you a place, you'll enjoy yourself completely.

    2/ Plans for the Stour Valley 100km are starting to take shape. It'll be on the weekend on the 26/27 June (which coincides with the Western States 100). There's an option to start late on the Saturday evening and running through the night and into dawn. I need another founder member of the event. It's going to be awesome and I'm so stoked about it. It's an event that we would define. It's the same distance as Crawley but over fabulous countryside, thousands of feet of climbing and not round and round a track.

  2. Option #1 is very, very tempting Matt. Let me run at the club on Tuesday night to see how my calf holds up.

    I am so, so, so tempted

  3. Would be great to have you there mate. I'm not racing in the slightest. Just looking to enjoy the run really. No pressure at all.