Saturday, 19 June 2010


As a few of my regulars will know, I have been quite unwell this week having taken 4 days off sick which has really depressed me as I hardly ever take time off and if I have never this long.

I was out at the shops today, my first trip out of the house since Tuesday ,and had just popped into a shop to choose some waterproof trousers when I happened to see myself in the full length mirror and was really taken aback, who was this skinny, worn out man staring back at me? Me of course and was shocked to see myself and that I have lost nearly 6 pounds in weight, I think I have been a little more ill than I want to let on!

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  1. Running has a strange effect on your body mate. You eat like a maniac and you think you can't possible loose weight.

    However ....

    Compared to a year ago I'm 10 lbs lighter and my waist size is 30 inches. Tonight my wife had me trying on all my clothes that she bought for me last year and most trousers were far too big. And the shirts too small.