Monday, 28 June 2010

Camaraderie in Ultrarunning

I got an email from my buddy George today telling me that the winner (Richard Pomeroy) of the Cotswold 100 mile run he took part in at the weekend had emailed everyone in the race and stated his admiration of all those who took part. I think that was a fantastic thing he did and really summed up what makes ultrarunners the people they are, great off the course, gritty on it. I found this picture today of Geoff Roes (left) and Anton Krupicka (Right) at the end of the Western States 100 mile race.
Roes completed the run in 15:07:04 with Krupicka coming through at 15:13:51. Looking at the warmth and admiration in their eyes is mirrored in both men and just highlights the true spirit of the sport. To think Roes actually stood at the finish line and cheered Krupicka through shows what fantastic sportsmen they are, a lovely thing to see.


  1. great to see George run the Cotswold 100. With the weather like it was, I wonder if he did a Krupicka??!!!!

    After running a half last week, I was totally reminded of the way we all look out for each other at the long events. I love it!

  2. This years WS100 was a classic. Hell of a race.

    Ultrarunning seems to be full of generous and genuinely nice people.

    You've spelt Anton's surname wrong by the way.

  3. Ooopps, that will teach to type too quickly, all changed :-)