Thursday, 3 June 2010

Crunch, Crunch, Crunch

That is how my evening exercise went, 2 mile warm up and then core strength work for 1 hour and a 9 mile run home!

I can feel the inches falling off my waist as I write and recall the twists, pulls and self-tortures Yvonne made us do , press ups here, crunches here, a thing called the Plank and the Plank on one leg...ooohhh that one pinched.

Good work out with a nice run by myself after watching the sun go down from inside the local woods and for one lovely hour I saw and spoke to nobody.

Legs a little tired still but I will go for a gentle run tomorrow, possibly 13-15 miles in preparation for Sunday's Long run.


  1. Arrrrrr the plank! :oD Very good to hold these for as long as poss. Side raises are really hard.. also really good for core strength though.

  2. Hey Ros, I can really feel it this morning so I am definitely going to keep this core training a fixture in my calendar.

  3. How about wall squats?