Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Fragile Ego

I have been a member of a web forum for a year or so and have come to realise how vulnerable people really are. I have seen people report and show some amazing athletic achievements, seen them over come major obstacles in life and in their races. These people have a life outside these forums which goes far beyond the running and the racing, it is a form of escapism. To me running is escapism, I can be as competitive with myself or other runners where and when I like, my race is in the field, the trail or the track.

When I see people try and bring this competitive thing into something as benign as a virtual chat room I sometimes despair "I am better than you", "I am faster than you", "My heart rate is lower than you" or "I can do all things better than you" Why argue with people you will never meet and when a person doesn't agree with you just accept it and move on, don't it take so personally, remember the ego is a very fragile thing. There....I have had my say.

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