Monday, 21 June 2010

Ipods, take them

...or leave 'em. I am not a great lover of running with these little annoyances but will if I am on a long, solo run just as a distraction.

You may remember how I broke one when I got caught in the rain in March this year and how I bought a newly upgraded one with the volume/track/playlist switch attached to the earphones, the rubbish, most badly designed headphones ever in my opinion. The headphones that fall out every half mile, the earphones who you have to have to dry otherwise it changes tracks or jumps a playlist and when you want to buy a waterproof replacement set they cost between £25 - £35 almost the cost of the bloody thing in the first place.

I just need to work out a way to keep this pesky thing dry, ideas welcome.


  1. Jerry - I have exactly the same ipod, the headphones are not fit for purpose and on the Apple site you will find plenty of people on the forums who have had 3,4,5 even 10 replacement sets of headphones. If they get wet, which they will when you sweat they do as you say jump tracks or stop working completely. I might investigate replacements that also have the volume/track button but actually work! Apple must obviously know the problem exists but have done naff all to rectify/solve it. mr immune

  2. Update - Apple now offering replacement service for all of these type of headphones. Not sure it will solve the problem but i will swap mine and see what happens. mr immune